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  1. Your first NFA item experience

    For the record none of the above were "stamped". They fall into that category though.
  2. Insomnia cures?

    I took a full Great Value version of unisom last night and slept for almost 12 hours. It was righteous.
  3. Your first NFA item experience

    1988 - 12 years old, full auto M16 with blanks at Piccatinny Arsenal in NJ. After that, I was issued a FA M16A3 in Battalion and I was also an M60 machine gun team leader. Then I had the opportunity in 99 to shoot a mini Uzi, M1 Thompson and 1928 Navy overstamp Thompson (and a Benelli 14in...
  4. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

  5. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

    For the howitzer?
  6. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

    .50 Caliber "spotter/tracer" round?
  7. Insomnia cures?

    I too have tried it all. Alcohol intensifies my insomnia and makes me jittery will lying in bed. I have tried melatonin and it really didn't work that great (helped me get to sleep, but not stay asleep) it also gave me wierd dreams. The wife and I had some samples of ambien given to use years...
  8. Security Guard

    If anyone thought this guy was playing, they are wrong.
  9. Security Guard

    Dang son! A scoped revolver.
  10. Sig Sauer $10M Lawsuit - P320 accidental discharge

    Sig reduced the dimensions and weight of the triggers and tested thoroughly for the drop discharge issue. The original trigger was pretty big and the newer ones are quite "hollowed" out on the backside.
  11. Found something a little uncommon....

    Awesome pistol
  12. Let’s play the “What is it?” game!

    Magnum Research single shot.
  13. Macongo headrest covers.....

    Sexual Chocolate
  14. Macongo headrest covers.....

    Palmetto, I think that mask is for the covids. Be grateful they're taking this "pandemic" seriously.
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