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  1. Metro Atlanta FS/FT POS 1992 Jeep Cherokee 4x4

    Someone's getting a deal....
  2. FS/FT Taylor 812e

    Very pretty indeed!
  3. I’m not carrying a pistol anymore

    Holy fork, Batman!
  4. Hey Libs, how is that "Defund the police thing" working out for you?

    My thought has always been that if you are not doing bad stuff, then you don't have a reason to worry. That goes for folks on both sides of the blue line. Many may argue but when it all comes down to it, facts are facts....
  5. Stolen..

    You have to wonder at the unmitigated gaul of some people.
  6. Another mug shot, Was the gun stolen or did someone here sell it to him?

    I believe I would have to draw the line at selling to someone with a face tattoo
  7. UFO mystery solved!!!

    Now that's some serious stealth!
  8. Hey Libs, how is that "Defund the police thing" working out for you?

    You know what they say. "Keep Austin weird."
  9. Cab driver

    No that's funny!
  10. Conspiracy theory - Razors

    Always want to try the razor or shaving the sac??? :pop2: :rofl::bolt:
  11. ItBeMe finished the kid’s project

    No loose clothing allowed. Gonna be a beast!
  12. 1911 porn let’s see them

    Built this one from scratch. Turned out extremely nice! Gonna get a design lasered on the flats eventually.
  13. FS/FT VP9 Tactical

    PM incoming
  14. Item Gone: FT HK VP9 With CT Laser

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