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  1. Metro Atlanta FS/FT VICKERS GLOCK 19 GREY

  2. Metro Atlanta FS/FT VICKERS GLOCK 19 GREY

    Yes sir and you?
  3. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT VICKERS GLOCK 19 GREY

    Vickers Glock 19...Grey frame…with all lipsey/tango down items…RTF 2 frame fiber optic front and rear blacked out site…Vickers slide stop and mag release..with grip plug/take down tool..and Vickers tactical mag base plate....and Glock factory parts in box!!..PRISTINE CONDITION!!! * only legally...
  4. West GA FS Canik TP9 SFX Blackout…

    Thought this would be gone!
  5. Item Gone: FT SIG SAUER M18

  6. Item Gone: FT SIG SAUER M18

    Always..consider cash..please meet me in my office over there >>>>>>>
  7. Item Gone: FT SIG SAUER M18

    Sig M18…9mm…all shipped factory items…3 mags (2mags 21 rounder 1 mag 17 rounds)…OPTIC cut slide…Sig Lite night sights….box and docs!!
  8. Item Gone: FT CANIK METE SFT

  9. Item Gone: FT CANIK METE SFT

    Canik Sft METE…9mm…optic cut slide with optic plates…2 mags (18 & 20 rounder)..extended mag well with also a separate flared magwell…double undercut trigger guard...holster…tool kit (that’s the baby Canik in box) ..take down punch.…box and docs!!..25 rounds through it just to test for...
  10. Item Gone: FS/FT LNIB Canik Elite SC

    This is still the best out of the box factory trigger!!…Period!
  11. Item Gone: FS LNIB Rock Island Armory 1911 45acp

    Great deal from a great trader!!! the man Big Dog!!
  12. FS Canik TP9 SFX Blackout…

    Deal with Confidence with this gentleman…item he has is always as described!!
  13. Item Gone: FS CZ P07. ***new, lower price***

    Great guy to deal with..straight forward no B.S type of guy!!
  14. Item Gone: FT GLOCK 23 gen 5

    Glock 23 gen 5…3 mags… and docs!!…carried but NEVER SHOT! *only legally eligible people who can own a firearm in Georgia please respond to this ad*
  15. FT GLOCK 19X

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
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