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  1. Recommendations about the sig m17

    1500 Rounds and no issues with mine
  2. Closest Processor to Ellijay???

    Sorry I was going to post one I used 2 years ago in the area but they closed
  3. Marlin 336 with gold trigger - Can someone help with trigger jerking?

    Take the Gold Trigger Back for Refund get one of these:
  4. 10/22 scope mount question

    Toss the Rings and the Pic rail - get these
  5. Bulk ammo website

  6. Bulk ammo website

    That is a scam -
  7. Ground Hunting

    Each of my five deer this year have been from the ground, no stand or ground blind . Just good solid hunting basics and a lot of luck. Good cover - good wind - good shot placement I do have stands and a blind setup but ended up not using them.
  8. FS Ruger LCP Max .380 Auto Pistol

    Damn Good Price!
  9. 12/1/21 Hunt

    Good Luck out there and be safe!
  10. Best deer Caliber choice

    308, because a have a lot of ammo for it
  11. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    In # 2 - May his birth give save us all
  12. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    In # 1 This will go right on my SIG =p
  13. Anyone got any land to hunt some coyotes on?

    PM me in late January
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