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  1. North East GA FS 600 for a Glock 20 gen 4

  2. North East GA FS 600 for a Glock 20 gen 4

    Did it scare you?? Asking for a friend. :caked:
  3. South East GA FS Steyr 9mm

    Nice gem here. GLWS.
  4. North East GA FS Glock Gen4 19 LNIB. Loaded **600**

    It's there!
  5. Gun Range for Sale. Guns and Gear Lavonia, Ga.

    Far as usual. But will spread the word.
  6. Swap Meet / Meet-up at TruPrep?

  7. Item Gone: FS Mossberg Maverick 88

    Great price!!
  8. Ship or Transfer FS/FT FN Police Tactical Shotgun for Mossberg price

    Nice candidate for the Salvo 12. GLWS.
  9. 308 /7.62x51 ammo

    10-4. I'll get with you.
  10. Xbox one setup for family in need

    Good deed.
  11. Central GA FS M&P 2.0 45 ACP Threaded

    Good price on a threaded .45.
  12. Eforms coming in December

    That happened to me 3 weeks ago when I called. I called at 3:30PM didnt get anyone on the horn until a quarter after 4:00PM after closing hours.
  13. 308 /7.62x51 ammo

    I need to send some rounds down range and do some QA/QC.
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