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  1. Central GA FS Home on 12 acres

    Yep, beautiful place. Lots of hard work went into this place, it shows too !
  2. Insomnia cures?

    Yo ! Roll call -…..again ?
  3. Someone Threw A Bottle Of Mayo at ME....

    You men need somethin’ to do ! lol.
  4. Safe Dehumidifiers..

    Yeah they are just metal cased. I assume they have a heating element inside of some sort. They seem to get warm and are held in place by some clips. You can get them close to any length.
  5. Safe Dehumidifiers..

    I have used nothing but ‘Golden Rod’ in my safes for the last 30 yrs….give or take. NEVER a problem.
  6. Red Stag in Georgia

    Saw something about this a week or so back.
  7. Prison Break

    Shhhhh !!! Snitches get stitches :becky:
  8. Prison Break

    Dont quit the day gig …..
  9. I want to do this….

    Yep…..everyone i know that has a $100 bill is too stingy to give it up (dang good idea though)
  10. Who wants to be the best dad in the world this Christmas? UPDATE!! She Gone

    This is great news !! I know it gives you a little relief to know she is going to live her days out in a loving, well cared for, environment. Way to go @Grub Master for helping in finding this creature a great home :whoo:
  11. Metro Atlanta FS 1998 Ford F-150 XLT Short Bed 4 Wheel Drive for sale by Owner

    These regular cab - short bed trucks are getting harder and harder to find. I have people wanting to buy the one i am driving that day - everyday. Especially my ’88
  12. Christmas trees hit a new low

    This is the problem i have. It is the flaunting of a lifestyle i do not want any part of, a lifestyle i think is wrong….. i can not care less about what folks do in private. It is when it is made public and forced in your face everywhere you go , just about. It is the constant berating of my...
  13. South East GA FS A TON OF AR PARTS!!

    All or nothing , correct ?? Not splitting up?
  14. Central GA FS S&W 66-2 2.5" package

    More gun porn ! Lol That is a nice Combat Magnum - great carry piece ! Free bump
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