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  1. Dumb AR Question

    ok, so I’m not crazy? Lol I have 2 key mod ARs and 1 MLOK and this AR doesn’t look like either. I’ll call Midwest industries Monday. All those small holes in between cuts are threaded, btw. Not sure if that’s significant. You can see a swivel stud I installed for a bipod but I’m trying to...
  2. Dumb AR Question

    So this is keymod then? I honestly don’t know…bc it doesn’t look like my other keymod rails.
  3. Dumb AR Question

    What the heck is this? Midwest industries 15 inch slim rail. Sides from the 2-5 o’clock and 7-11 o’clock are Mlok. Top is pic rail. What’s on the 6 o’clock? I can’t get an mlok rail and mlok adapter for a bipod to fit. Yes, silly question, I know.
  4. Decent rut buck

    That’s a great buck! Congrats!
  5. Want to Buy  Magpul Bipod

    Anyone got one? Can meet in central Georgia or ship to Macon. Thanks.
  6. Need opinion about AR-15

    Here’s a good one…I love all the butt hurt “jus as gud” comments. He only fired a 100 rounds through it and it’s already beat to hell. The like to dislike ratio is from the guys who are banding together for confirmation bias.
  7. Need opinion about AR-15

  8. Need opinion about AR-15 @cmshoot
  9. Need opinion about AR-15

    BCA or barrel length? BCA routinely produces stuff out of spec. Missing holes for pins and screws, alignment issues, loose stuff, wrong head space, list goes on… A 7.5 inch 5.56 muzzle blast is literally deafening and exhausting. It’s like a shockwave radiating through you every time you pull...
  10. Need opinion about AR-15

    No BCA and 7.5 inch 5.56 is unbearable.
  11. Need advice regarding AR-15

    You can do a 14.5 inch barrel then pin/weld a muzzle device. You’ll have a shorter rifle without breaking the law. You can also SBR it.
  12. Muzzle Brake advice

    hmmm…is it the same guy that owns Q?!
  13. Thought I’d try my hand at refinishing an old S&W revolver.

    My dad does it the same way. Anything involving sulfur is going to have a rough smell.
  14. Item Gone: FS AR-15 w/ P-Mag, Scope

    I'll give you $451 tomorrow, OP!! ;):behindsofa: Nice rifle, GLWS.
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